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Our Team

Step into the world of Dental Suite, where dental care is not just a service, it's an experience. Our clinic is home to a team of vibrant professionals who not only excel in their respective fields but also add a touch of delight and warmth to your dental journey. Get ready for a dental adventure like no other!

Let us introduce you to the stars of the show:


Dr. Ruslan

BDS (Malaya), MSc (UoL), MOrth (RCSEng), MOrth (RCSEd)

The Orthodontic Grand Master

With a dental career spanning three decades, Dr. Ruslan isn't just an Orthodontist, he's a grandmaster in the art of aligning smiles. Affectionately known by some as "Bapa Ortodontik Malaysia," he brings wisdom, experience, and a touch of magic to your Orthodontics journey at Dental Suite.


Dr. Liyana

BDS (Jordan), MFD (RCSI)
Clinical Director & The Fairy Godmother

Dr. Liyana, the brain behind the brilliance at Dental Suite. She is currently off on a three-year adventure pursuing Postgraduate Studies in Orthodontics at the University of Edinburgh. We miss her witty wisdom but can't wait for the Orthodontic magic she'll bring back!

Dr Ummu.png

Dr. Ummu

BDS (Tanta)
Oral Surgery Marvel

At our Bangi branch, Dr. Ummu reigns supreme in oral surgery. She's the reason patients leave with a brand new smile and maybe a jaw-dropping story or two.